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This signature preset produces deep black shadows and desaturated moody tones, with subtle, flavoursome pops of yellows, reds and oranges resulting in a photo so good you can almost taste it.

Whether you're shooting dramatic portaits, atmospheric landscapes, or capturing the hustle and bustle of the busy city streets, this preset will add that extra bit of magic that is guaranteed to elevate your photos and help you stand out from the crowd.



  • Installation instructions
    Un-ZIP the ZIP file to your computer’s desktop. Open your Lightroom application and head over to the “Presets” area. Hit “File” > “Import Profiles & Presets”. Choose the preset ZIP file and click “Import”. Close down your Lightroom application and re-open it. You should now see the preset listed in the presets section. If this does not work, please feel free to Google or Youtube search it.

Zip file is sent shortly after purchase.

Purchased presets are not to be shared or resold in any manner.

Compatible with Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile.


Non refundable.

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